Terms and Conditions
These Terms and Conditions relate to the supply of services (as described on this form). Your name and address are to be completed overleaf on these Terms and Conditions. References to “OBS” or “US” are references to Online Betting School, part of Global Skill Resources Ltd, Kemp House, 152 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX. References to “Client” or “Clients” or “You” in this document are references to you, our customer. A​ You have agreed to purchase from us, OBS, the Package. These terms and conditions apply to the purchase by you of that Package, comprising of all items on this form.
Pricing & Payment a) The price payable by the Client in respect of the Package is set out overleaf. b) Payment is due in respect of the Packages immediately following submission of a signed copy of these Terms and Conditions to OBS at its registered office (details above).
Cancellation of Purchase of the Packages
The following terms apply where the sale is subject to the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling Regulations) 2000 (“DSR”) a) Where the DSR applies, these terms and conditions provide the relevant information contained in Regulation 7, before conclusion of the contract, together with information in durable form under Regulation 8. The client shall be asked to sign an acknowledgement accordingly.
b) The following statutory information is provided:
(i) the identity of the supplier is Global Skill Resources Ltd (address set out above);
(ii) a description of the main characteristics of the goods is set out at clause A above;
(iii) the price of the goods or services including all taxes is overleaf;
(iv) if there is a right of cancellation - the cancellation period begins with the day on which the contract is concluded and ends on the expiry of the period of 14 calendar days beginning with the day after the day on which this consumer signs this form. Cancellation must be effected as a notice in writing or in another durable medium available and accessible to OBS which, however expressed, indicates the intention of the consumer to cancel the contract. If you do not adhere to this possess, you lose the right to cancel;
(v) the price at which the Package is offered remains valid only on the day of offer, after which time it will lapse;
(vi) the Client shall return the Package, undamaged and with all original packaging, to OBS (at the address given) in the event of cancellation, and will be responsible for the cost of returning the Package;
(vii) the address to which you may address any complaints is the address set out above;
On valid cancellation within the 14 day period allowed, any sum paid to OBS by a Client in respect of such purchase shall be repayable within thirty (30) days of OBS’s receipt of the Clients notice of cancellation, less £100 which OBS will deduct in respect of any costs which they have incurred in order to supply the service or package to the Client.
c) The Client shall not be entitled to cancel its purchase of the Packages pursuant in the event that the Package (or contents) provided by OBS has been used, unsealed and/or the passwords or any material has been sent to client or client attended a seminar, any coaching sessions or webinars.
(d) In the event that the Client cancels its purchase of the Packages otherwise than within the time periods identified by this cause
3. OBS reserves the right to retain a reasonable amount of the payment provided by the Client for its purchase of the Packages by way of compensation for the time expended and the expense incurred by OBS in its entering into and/or its performance of its contract with the Client.
The following term applies in relation to any sale which is subject to the Consumer Protection (Contracts Concluded Away from Business Premises) Regulations 1997 (“Doorstep Selling Regulations”) ​Where the Doorstep Selling Regulations apply, we give you the following information: (i) our name and details are set out at the top of this document. (ii) you have a right to cancel this contract if you wish and that right can be exercised by sending a written notice of Cancellation to the OBS at the address provided above within 14 days following the making of the contact.
Free Offers a) Clients purchasing the Packages may be entitled (free of charge as set out above) to various offers including to get live online training offered over the period of 24 months following the date of acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
b) In such case, you shall register for attendance at the live seminars at least two (2) weeks prior to the date on which they are scheduled to take place. In the absence of such registration, OBS shall not be obliged to provide a place for the Client in the event that the live seminars are fully subscribed. OBS reserves the right to change the date and location of live seminars and webinars on reasonable notice to the Client. In the unlikely situation of such change of date or location, no part of the sum payable in respect of the Client’s purchase of the Packages shall be repayable as the live seminars are provided on a complimentary basis in addition to the Packages. Please also note that software relates to a matched betting calculator provided by a third party company.
Disclaimer and Waiver of Claims The Client understands that no advice or recommendations as to particular investments are given and that the information contained in the Package and presented during the seminars (the 'Educational Material”) is for educational purposes only. You acknowledge that it is not intended that you rely on the Educational Material in deciding to bet or in taking any particular financial decision without taking independent financial advice as to the suitability of such investment or decision in your particular circumstances. You consequently acknowledge that OBS shall not be liable for any loss or damage which you may incur as a result of any action or investment or financial decision you may take in the future following or as a result of your receipt or exposure to the Educational Material. The Educational Material (including all examples and illustrations given or made by OBS) is not and shall not be constructed as any recommendation, solicitation, prediction or advice for your own actions in and dealing within trading, as the contents of the Packages and any Live Seminar are strictly educational. You understand that the material taught by OBS is educational in nature. The Packages are intended to educate participants about trading only. d) AII complaints arising out of the Client’s contract with OBS should be sent to its registered office.
Confidentiality You acknowledge that all content, workbooks, materials and systems taught in the live seminars or within the Packages, whether written or verbal, are the property of and the copyright material of OBS. You will not copy, make available or divulge to any unauthorised party any of the materials, notes, systems or teachings of the Seminars or the Packages, whether for financial gain or not. By signing these Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge that should you allow any of the Educational Materials to be made available to any unauthorised party then you will be
liable to consequential legal action. No photocopies, audio, video or photographic recordings of Seminars or any of the copyrighted materials are allowed without the written consent of OBS.
You consent to your presence in any audio, video or photographic recordings officially arranged by OBS and you hereby waive any rights, claims or interest in the reproduction, distribution and exposure of any and all aforementioned recordings owned and possessed exclusively by OBS. You consent to OBS using any testimonial that you may give in its business as OBS may see fit.
Conduct You confirm that you attend any seminar as a bona fide participant with a genuine interest in receiving the Educational Material to be provided by OBS and that you shall not use any such information obtained from OBS other than for bona fide educational purposes . You shall not advertise or promote any business or any other activity at any seminar, including either before or subsequent to any seminar. You consent to any leaflets or other material intended for such purposes being confiscated by OBS and being destroyed.
You will not, for a period of 2 years from the date of any seminar you attend, directly or indirectly, solicit or attempt to solicit work or seek to employ any servant or agent of OBS who you may meet at any seminar (or as a result of any seminar) in any business activity in competition with the business of OBS.
These Terms and Conditions shall be subject to the laws of England and Wales and any and all disputes arising hereunder shall be subject to the non exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. You hereby agree to purchase Package and agree that such purchase will be subject to these Terms and Conditions. Please sign overleaf. Guarantee:​ As long as you are present for each of the monthly online training for the 24 months, do what is asked in the webinar and send the trades that you have done to us, we guarantee that if you don’t make at least five times the course fee in the first 24 months, we will give you 100% of your fee back. You just need to send us proof of your trades notify us in writing within months 24 and 25 and get a confirmation back from us that we have received your requ
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